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Beach destination corporate events
October 3

Corporate events are an important part of your marketing, launching and networking strategy.

How to stay on top of your game
September 9

The business world is increasingly competitive.

Best Activities in Cabo for Your Wedding Guests
September 2

Having a destination wedding is one of the grandest luxuries a couple can give themselves, and by luxury, we’re not...

Gift Ideas for Your Corporate Event
August 12

We all know that the best corporate events leave an impression in the minds of your clients and employees that they...

Style Your Wedding Mexican Chic
August 1

Mexican chic is vibrant colors, beautiful designs, exotic culture and countless possibilities that can turn your we...

Things to consider for the day of your event
July 15

Organizing a corporate event in a city different to yours can easily turn your brain into mash potato.

The Best Places for Your Wedding in Los Cabos
July 10

Great! You’ve chosen the location for your wedding, now it’s time to choose the place.

Ideas to make your pet part of your wedding
June 11

Getting married is a lot more than simply joining your life legally to someone else. It’s an event worthy of a cele...

Things you must consider when choosing the location for your even...
June 6

An event can be an occasion to remember or a moment worthy of being forgotten. What makes the difference between on...

Ideas for your corporate beach event
May 27

Planning a corporate event on an exotic beach can be an exciting experience. However, it can also be a stressful on...

Ideas for Theme Events
May 13

A theme is always a creative way of giving your event an unexpected twist to spark people’s enthusiasm. But thinkin...

Things you must consider when choosing the place for your wedding
April 16

Make your wedding day a relaxing and wonderful experience. When going abroad for this special day make sure to chec...

Wear the color of the year at your wedding
April 3

Create an inspirational and romantic atmosphere, wear the color of the year at your wedding and enjoy a night to re...

Nirjary M. Desai, Owner/Principal Project Manager, KIS (cubed) Ev...
March 13

Internationally acclaimed trendsetters KIS (cubed) Events are known for their originality, impeccable service, and...

David Liles, Sponsorship Manager, Los Cabos International Film Fe...
March 6

The Los Cabos International Film Festival promotes global film culture in North America; learn more about their col...

Andrea Strauss, President, and Owner of Classic Conferences
February 28

Find out how one high-powered New York Conference planning company has created extraordinary corporate events world...

Lauryn Evarts, Creative Director, The Skinny Confidential
February 25

Ever wonder how events starring a drop-dead gorgeous celebrity look? This brainy bombshell has a unique style - com...